Wednesday, 29 June 2011

St George Distils Norfolk Dragon


Here is the home of English whisky,
distilled in finest Egyptian tradition,
eco-friendly as the broad of Norfolk sky
and earth and rain.
Pause here and learn the process of gold fire,
from barley grown on England’s premium plains.
For Ra-kissed earth’s an alchemy of light,
where Boadicca once raged fermenting blood
against the trailing vines that wrapped from Rome.

Here water seeped in chalk of ancient seabeds,
which add all ancient mermen to this brew.
From yeast of Hull, that brings fermenting sky to grist
of vapours; water, blue as clouds:
all brooding to a storm of oak-casked sun.
Stacked low to gradually proof all grey to pure,
as light as sheepskin waterfalled to ghosts
of smoking malt – of bonfires, ancient clans,
before the Thor of Odin into print;
When all men were in legend of new blood
and women stoked the flames of homely lust.

Pause here at Roudham, close beside the Thet,
and taste the distillation of pure gold
(not served, while it matures in bourbon casks,
or sherry barrels, smoked to malt or air).
Then celebrate a future, yet unproofed,
a Temeraire sunset into dawn.
In Norfolk, moored to Midas’ winter feast,
where copper stills now alchemise the past
to living fire that plays on lips and tongue.
All elements of eco-friendly Norfolk.
This spirit chariots earth
in 2009.

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