Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Buzzing Dreams


Read me a book to help me sleep
and reach into the honeypot of night,
dip my sweet finger to the task,
until I ask no more before the night.
Trace round the sweetness of my mouth,
arousing dreams of bees and nectar flowers.

Read softly to my buzzing hive,
as strays arrive, to settle cool at night.
Dim in the evening light, I slow,
so anger slumbers deeper in the night.
Grace beeswax round my honeycomb,
then shades will roam around a storybook.

Read, late and early, as I drift
within those shifting phantoms of the night.
Dream petals to my fingertips
and sipping cups in luminous tanned night.
Erase dull hips and bloated seeds
and read my peaceful sleep in candlewax.